Smart Warehouse Management System

Info Studio provides a Smart WMS solution that will help you improve the quality of your business.

About Smart WMS.

We combine modern software development techniques integrated with latest Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence achievements to offer our clients the best experience possible. 

New Machine Learning algorithms for sales forecasting offer results better than ever before, they give the possibility to manage warehouses in quite a new manner, and achieve far more in all segments. 

Based on precise predictions ordering goods becomes more accurate. Received goods are positioned according to their predicted turn. Picking zone is refilled based on predicted daily delivery. Picking routes are optimized. Daily operations are better planned and executed smoothly and on time. Human and machine resources are better utilized. Anomaly detection algorithms prevent erroneous and possible fraud situations. Association rule algorithms implemented in customer orders helps sales raise.

Smart Warehouse Management System Technologies


Cloud based JS software with robust backend database is easy to use and maintain with defined interfaces for easy integration with other clients software components.

Smart Warehouse Management System Effects

Positive effects expected.

It is difficult to precisely measure positive effects in real environments, but based on previous experiences, it can be stated that, among other positive changes, the gain will be:

  • Stock reduction with same delivery level 10-30%
  • Operation efficiency raise 10-35%
  • Warehouse space utilization raise 10-30%
  • Write-offs reduction (expiry dates) 50-75%
  • Erroneous deliveries less than 1%
  • Data entry errors less than 1%

Smart Warehouse Management System Support


Our experts offer complete support to enable smooth transition to new environment including:

  • consulting in the phase of planning and defining transition
  • on-site or remote training of clients personal
  • on-site or remote implementation and production support